Lessons for Leading Yourself online

The Leading Yourself online programme.

LYO Introduction

Introductory Module

Gaining Clarity from Chaos

What's in Your Foreground? Priorities

This Module deals with priorities in the life of a Self-Leader, their importance, where they come from, and some different techniques for creating and shaping them.

A Powerful Daily Routine

A daily routine or ritual that can help grow self-leadership.

Importance of Margin

Margin or slack in different dimensions of our work.

Powering through Personal Projects

Next Steps and Outcomes

From Push to Pull

Moving from a sense of 'drivenness' to powerfully choosing and pulling work forward. Kanban Boards.

Energy - Why and How it Matters, And What You Can Do

In this Module we look at Energy, and how we can bring more energy to our work.

Webinar Recordings


Bonus Features