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The Only Thing that Matters is This

Photo by Matt Bero on Unsplash In my last article, When Work Speeds Up, I used a short video to illustrate my point. Allow me to do the same again in talking about priorities. This time the clip comes from a movie called City Slickers (1991), and this scene features two of the main characters, […]

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When Work Speeds Up

When We get busier, unless we give up, we work faster. We get more productive. But then life seems to speed up more. There is another way.

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A Portal of Possibilities

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash In my post last week, I went down memory lane and confessed to one of my worst recruitment blunders. This week, I’m still stuck in the past or, as I’d like to think, I’m still learning from my early career experiences. This week, I want to share how captivated I became with […]

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When I Made a Recruitment Blunder

One of my biggest mistakes in recruiting somebody was early when I recruited a young man, straight out of school, as a COBOL programmer. The warning sign at his interview was his reply when I asked him where he saw his work taking him: I would like your job. I’d like to sit in an […]

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The Rise of the Portfolio Creator

In the 1980s, the Irish management consultant, Charles Handy, began to explore idea of portfolio workers. In works like The Empty Raincoat, he saw an emergent reality where more and more of us would have a series of jobs, sometimes simultaneously.

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Living Like a Farmer

My work seems far from farming. I’m a self-employed coach and writer. Yet, my aunt was right: there are more similarities my work to being a farmer, as I lead myself through the myriad of daily choices in my work, than perhaps first meets the eye.

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Are you giving enough Autonomy?

Sometimes we are the victims of the culture we ourselves create, particularly when we begin to head up teams and organisations.

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Will you change your story?

We do not need to wait for life to change our circumstances. We can change our story. Now.


Stunned by Choice

New to American culture, I was in a mall in Chicago one lunchtime, ordering a ham and cheese sandwich at a deli. It was a simple request. Being British, I assumed they would assume, and fill in the blanks. How wrong I was.

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I Missed Something

Two weeks ago, I posted a piece on Thanksgiving as a Lifestyle. I went on to list some of the benefits of having a daily routine of keeping something like a Gratitude List.

But, I missed something.