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“No, I don’t get it ….”

Have you heard someone say that to you recently? Maybe not.  Maybe they are thinking it.  It requires someone to trust you, feel safe around you, confident enough to speak their mind, to be brave enough to say that they don’t get it. Maybe they are just faking it, and nod in agreement. Maybe you […]

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Bright Spots

Credit: Photo by Will Myers on Unsplash A few years ago I read Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard by the Heath brothers. It remains one of my favourite books on the whole subject of change.  One particular section has stayed with me: the idea of the bright spots, the positive deviants, as academics call them, who can […]

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Thinking well enough of the other person

I remember when I had a role in a large corporate, years ago. I described a particular director to a colleague as difficult. They were surprised. “Really? I know he is a bit gruff, but he really means well. Catch him in the right moment and he will listen to you.” And so it was. […]

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The Dream Manager

What are your dreams?  Have you written them down? If not, why not?  Perhaps, because we are taught not to value dreaming. We are told that dreaming is wasting time. Dreams are fantasy and will never happen. Dreams only set us up for disappointment. We are all wired to dream. All children dream when they […]

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Keeping People in Frustrated Incompetence

As change leaders, we can have quite a high appetite for change. Yet, what is the effect on our customers of a perceived endless series of changes?

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I would recommend Range. It is one of the best books I have read so far this year. It explores a wide range of fields and topics from scientific research to athletic achievement to predicting engineering failure on spacecraft to education.

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Are We Creating a Matrix Body Farm?

When organisations try to manage scarcity, they can micro-control through imposing performance targets. This approach can have some mission-critical results.

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Rush Relationships?

I was talking with a friend the other day, about when we are under stress how we begin to express ourselves. During high levels of stress, adrenaline drives us to be task-focused and focused inward on our emotions. It’s harder for us to engage with others with empathy. And so it is harder for us […]


It is Never Merely About the Facts

Once a while, I discover a real gem on YouTube. It engages me first at one level, and then takes me to a whole new level, with its generosity, wisdom and insight.

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Did it fail because of the team?

… is it possible to go deeper and help individual team members engage with matters beyond their individual domains in positive ways? Specialists can show up to meetings as generalists, and they discover in a culture of honour and respect that they can engage with others with empathy and greater influence.