Create or Curate?

Most of us have come across the saying that every five-year-old is an artist, and by the age of ten very few of them are. It does ask questions about creativity and how we raise kids. I’m convinced that if we have a broad enough view of “creativity” nearly everyone can express creativity. When we […]

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What just happened in August??!

Something strange has been happening this month. In fact, not just this month, but it has begun to repeat a pattern over the last three or four Augusts. This pattern is so strange, it prompted me to investigate, and what I have found concerns me. As you may know, I chair pearcemayfield, a company that offers […]

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Positives Attract

When it comes to offering advice or seeking to influence, consultants need to be aware of a very counter-intuitive truth. Many miss it. It is this: that in human relationships positives attract. When you have a positive regard for the other party, they are likely to reciprocate. When the consultant approaches a client with a […]

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You’re Not Crazy!

Sometimes it seems as if the whole world around you has gone mad. And then you begin to doubt that yourself. “Am I still sane?” you ask yourself. Sometimes that is what a dysfunctional culture can do to you. It makes you doubt what you thought you knew for certain. I was talking with a client […]

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Welcome to my new home!

Since I first started blogging on TypePad in the early 2000’s I have moved twice: first to the site, and then to a WordPress engine. Recently I stood down as an Executive of the company taking up an associate Chairman role, and handing over the reins to my valued colleague and friend, Richard Rose. […]

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