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Transparency and Vulnerability

In my last post, I began to explore radical transparency from a the example of a client organisation. To lead transparently generates trust. This kind of leadership shows up before people with integrity. Lead transparently and you generate trust. Click to Tweet However, a lot of leaders baulk at precisely this invitation to transparency. It […]

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Never enough time? It that really your problem?

I was talking with one of my clients the other day, and as I asked how he was doing, he replied with an ironic smile, “Never enough time, Patrick.” “Never enough time.” This cliché rolls off the tongue too quickly when we describe the state of overwhelm.  But what we say matters. What we say can often […]

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Empathy + Compassion

Some of the most influential people I know do more than empathise with me. Empathy is important. But when it comes down it, what truly separates world-class influencers from manipulators? One of the most acutely painful moments in my life made me quite vulnerable. I approached a man who was a leader. Len was also a […]

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Life in the Way

We plan, we organise ourselves, we budget, we set goals. But sometimes life just gets in the way. For much of what I write and teach around self-leadership and personal productivity, I use myself as the laboratory. This approach seems to me to be the way of integrity. As someone once claimed, “We eat our own dog […]

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The Positive Outlier

When it was first published, I read Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard by the Heath Brothers. It remains one of my favourite books on the whole subject of Change Management. One particular section has stayed with me. It centred around the story of a nationwide change that helped reduce child mortality […]

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