Leading Yourself

Four Key Transitions in Self-Leadership

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  • Lain Burgos-Lovece says:

    Weakest area is ‘drivenness’. I imagine that I’m committed to be of service and I strive to act that way. However, too often I find myself empty, tired, waiting for the next stimulus. because there is no time/energy to think what is valuable or to do anything about it.

    • Patrick says:

      Thank you for placing the first comment here, Lain. We will look at ‘margin’ in a later unit.
      As for me, it is important that I check myself frequently to see whether I too am slipping into drivenness. I remind myself that my freedom is not only possible in work, but can be normal. Sadly, though, in many work cultures today, that is a strange concept.
      How do you recover from this?

  • Sasha Caridia says:

    I can recognise elements in all four but my weakest area would most probably be distraction. I can start something and then have another idea or get interested very quickly in something else and move away from the thing that originally grabbed my attention. I will move back towards the original thing but never quite seem to get moving as yet again something else will come up which I get excited about!

    • Patrick Mayfield says:

      OK, that you are aware of this is the beginning of dealing with it effectively. Let’s explore this some more later.

  • Pen