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The Dual Mindset of an Entrepreneur

At the weekend I came across this gem of a video posted over six years ago. Marten Mikos, the then-CEO of MySQL who sold the company to SUN Microsystems for $1 billion, gives a candid short interview during the Innovate! conference in Zaragoza, Spain, about his key learnings as an entrepreneur. It’s a nine-minute masterclass:

It caught my attention because I was recently writing about the Stockdale Paradox and its relevance to Resilient Hope. If you want to read it, sign up here.

Marten Mikos covers a number of subjects dear to my heart in this short video:

  • how entrepreneurs have to have unwavering faith as well as to face the brutal reality day-to-day
  • the tricky art of knowing when to stop something and when to keep going
  • the biggest challenge in growing an organisation is people, particularly oneself
  • the importance of being open to learning new things as well as to abandoning old ways
  • making tough decisions, and
  • distributed operations.
I think offices are so last century.
Marten Mikos

I’ve written recently about visual thinking, in particular referring to the work of Mike Rohde and sketchnotes. Here’s my own sketchnote from this video. It’s not perfect nor terribly arty, so I hope it’s an encouragement to you if you think you can’t draw.

Sketchnote of Marten Mika video

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It's time to rediscover the power of resilient hope. Very little of the standard change management literature addresses this. If thought of at all, 'hope" is usually regarded as a weak emotion, not worthy of building upon.

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