Announcing a New Online Seminar: 

Exploring People Engagement (EPE) 

the Better Way to Influence People through Change

Programme Summary: A Six-Week Online Programme

We all know that one of the biggest areas of risk in any transformational change is the group of human beings involved. How do you do the 'people thing' in change, in programmes and projects? Classic approaches can work sometimes in predictable and repeatable contexts, but what about when you are launching into something quite foreign to the people involved, the stakeholders, and their culture?

In this online coaching programme there are six major modules, each spaced a week apart:​

  1. The Right Mindset. This module compares and contrasts the traditional, limited approach with a more inclusive mindset, a way of thinking about people engagement that yields much better results. Many of the difficulties that arise in engaging with people begin with wrong thinking. We show you how there's a better way to think about this.
  2. This second module covers the Engagement Framework, adopting the right framework to set you up for success.​ A simple but robust pathway is explained, along with some powerful principles and common themes that run all through the engagement journey.
  3. The third module explore good analysis of your stakeholders, the interested groups and individuals, making sure you know enough about them not to "get off on the wrong foot" but also to ensure you don't miss anyone critical.
  4. The fourth module considers how you then shape your overall engagement, making sure you collaborate with key people so that you are not the bottleneck, that is, you do not try to do it all. Also, we explore how different strategies work in different contexts with different people. One size does not fit all!
  5. The fifth module is about planning your engagement campaign so that the timing is right for people, timed so that you get their optimum attention, as well as making sure you communicate clearly, without creating confusion or mixed messages.
  6. The last module covers a critical leadership skill area: leaning to people. This is particularly critical where relationships are difficult. 
Online Meetings

You will go through the material with others from around the world, meeting regularly with me, the programme author, Patrick Mayfield, so that you have ample opportunity to share stories, breakthroughs, encouraging us all, as well as to ask questions about your particular challenges. This takes on a workshop quality as we learn about each other as a group and share approaches for each other. There is much value in mobilising the wisdom of the group.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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