Welcome to my new home!

Since I first started blogging on TypePad in the early 2000’s I have moved twice:

Recently I stood down as an Executive of the company taking up an associate Chairman role, and handing over the reins to my valued colleague and friend, Richard Rose. So it seemed right to begin posting on my own site.

In fact, blogging is becoming more important to me once again. I am doing more writing. In fact, I have my second book, where I am the sole author, well on the way. It will be about an emerging new way of working in the 21st Century that we can all choose to adopt. If you would like to be kept informed of when and how the book will be published, please leave your details below and I will give you early access to some samples.

Blogging was supposed to “go away” with the advent of new social media platforms and other media like podcasts. Instead, we are seeing a resurgence of blogging.

So, for now, welcome to my new home.

Question: Why do you think there is a resurgence in blogging? What would you like to read about in these blogs?

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