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”This is an excellent checklist. I began reading it with a few thoughts in mind, and you covered all of those, and more. I particularly liked the very practical aspects of some of the points, eg 'again my advice is to decline that opportunity. It is likely a poisoned chalice'.”

John Edmonds

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'Revisiting this excellent book by my friend Patrick Mayfield.'

Daisy Benson

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“Professional training delivered by Patric was outstanding. A naturally charismatic leader! Years have passed and I still benefit from his coaching..”

Natalia Homolava

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So, who am I? I am  an author, speaker and coach. I coach leaders around the world to become extraordinary, to become what I call positive outliers, people who live more to their full potential in work and outside work, who live more as free creators, who choose, rather than live as victims of circumstance.

I was one of the authors of the acclaimed 2007 edition of Managing Successful ProgrammesI personally authored the chapters on Vision, Stakeholder Engagement & Leadership, Benefits Management and the Business Case. Also, I was a contributing author to the Change Management Institute's 'bible', The Change Manager's Handbook (2014).

In 2013 I published my first solo book: Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships. This is now the core reference for the APMG International's qualification in Stakeholder Engagement. My most recent book is Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out  (2016).

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