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Here you can download some of my more popular free resources:

People & Stakeholder Engagement

Leading Change or Leading Major Projects

Becoming a Better You


Leading Others through Change

If you’ve ever tried to lead others through a change then you will know how difficult it can become … and maybe even a little scary at times. People can seem awkward. Sometimes they are more than awkward and become difficult.

Yet, when you look for solutions in the management literature, you can become overwhelmed by all the change management models and theories. It is enough to make anybody give up before they start.

Help is here!

Change Leader ChecklistChange Leader Checklist

The Change Leader’s 10-point Checklist

Get my free 10-point Checklist that shrinks the huge change management body of knowledge into just 10 key points.

I’ve designed it so it is a useful ready-reference you can turn to in the middle of any change you are leading.

What Other People Are Saying…

John Edmonds

PPM Expert

This is an excellent checklist. I began reading it with a few thoughts in mind, and you covered all of those, and more. I particularly liked the very practical aspects of some of the points, eg ‘again my advice is to decline that opportunity. It is likely a poisoned chalice’.”

Endorsement for Practical People Engagement

Daisy Benson

Stakeholder Engagement Leader

I’m revisiting this excellent book by my friend, Patrick Mayfield.”

A Naturally Charismatic Leader

Natalia Homolava

Project Manager

Professional training delivered by Patrick was outstanding. A naturally charismatic leader! Years have passed and I still benefit from his coaching…”

Leading Yourself & Productivity

Based on research a colleague and I conducted into high-performing clients, we discovered a mismatch between what is traditionally stressed in professional circles and business schools with what these people did.


Could we have got it wrong?

Might we be putting great effort into developing lots of skills in lots of areas with little difference?

What if there were a few key skill areas that would give any of us disproportionate results, high-leverage skills, skills that helped us master other skills? What if we could save time and develop ourselves around these few key skills?

You can.

The 7 Qualities of an Exceptional Performer ebook

In this exclusive ebook, I set out seven of these key areas that we discovered from our research.

It began a journey for me in identifying what I call keystone skills.

See for yourself. Is this what business schools say you must learn?

Writing & Publishing

The ‘How to Write a Book’ Email Course

I have now written and self-published two solo books with more on the way. Friends and clients regularly approach me asking how to do this. So I set up an introductory email course.

Do you dream of someday writing a book? Do you have a book in you? How do you get started on this journey? How can you avoid costly mistakes?

This short email course will help you get started and start in the right direction.

About the Author

Virtual Coaching Session

So, who am I?

I am an author, speaker and coach. I coach leaders around the world to become extraordinary, to become what I call positive outliers, people who live more to their full potential in and outside of work. Positive outliers are people who live to their chosen destiny and not from their history, who live more as free creators who choose, rather than live as victims to their circumstances.

I was one of the main authors of the acclaimed 2007 edition of Managing Successful Programmes, now a standard resource for many change leaders across the world. I authored the chapters on Vision, Stakeholder Engagement & Leadership, Benefits Management and the Business Case. Also, I was a contributing author to the Change Management Institute’s ‘bible’, The Change Manager’s Handbook (2014).

In 2013 I published my first solo book: Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships. This is now the core reference for the APMG International’s qualification in Stakeholder Engagement. My most recent book is Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out (2016).  

I founded the Positive Outlier Academy, an alternative to the constant content constipation offered by business schools and leadership academies, focusing only on those key skills, keystone skills, that you and I need to focus upon. With colleagues and clients, we are building a very different kind of self-development experience.

My goal is to equip you well. Who knows you might become a world-changer!

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