It can only get better …

What is one of the biggest problems of anybody leading change? If you have tried it even once, I imagine you will say: "The other people involved." It can seem like resistance to change is normal. As a result, many of us avoid dealing with these stakeholders. "They will only cause trouble."

This can make matters worse. 

Also, there is fear. Fear of public speaking, of talking with strangers, a lack of confidence in oneself in such situations. This engagement thing takes up so much time, doesn't it?  And the list goes on. There are all kinds of reasons to stop us from moving towards people.

There is a better way. In fact, there is a way that keeps on getting better, not only each time we engage, but through the life of the project. And we discover that change resistance is not inevitable.

If you'd like to know more about creating a virtuous cycle of engagement, click the link below and register for my upcoming webinar on Thursday, 2nd August, at 7 pm BST.

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