Leading Yourself online Workshop

Leading Yourself will be open again very soon

This workshop is designed to take a cohort of people through the material, threaded with live webinars exclusive to that group. This is so that we develop a supportive community working through the material together, encouraging each other.

However, I lead this workshop at least twice this year. If you would like to be notified when we next open the doors for registration, please leave your details below, and I will be glad to get back to you when the time comes.


I love the workshops - nice short and snappy videos - plenty of practical things to try out- and get incorporated in daily life. Releasing the material each week keeps it at the top of my agenda - and is just the right amount to do each week

Margin has really helped me and I love the more recent Personal Kanban - especially that there's an app that I can carry round on my phone... be interesting to see if that helps me limit my throughput and get more done...

I have found it all useful - there's some really good ideas in there - the challenge will be keeping the momentum after we complete - and keeping growing in all this. But to be honest - having the material available after the course will really help dip back into the material. Sometimes you do training but don't end up with much to take away at the end -so this is a refreshing change.

Thanks, Patrick.

Michael Litt ... Operations Manager, Telecomms.

Yes, please!

I would like further details on this program and how to register.

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