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  • Jeroen Guertsen says:

    Rings a bell – literally :-).

    When the Phone rings at home, I am the only one staying in my chair: if it’s important, they will ring a second time, or ring me on my mobile, and leave me a message if I must immediately ring back – or keep on ringing.

    The trick also works with my wife (as you have seen, she is on top of my priority list): If she rings me the SECOND time within the same minute(s), then I will pick up the Phone, wherever I am. And she knows only to do that if it is really important.

    It happened so far only once, when my father was terminally ill, and taken to hospital – and I dropped everything, and went there as well.

    • Patrick says:

      That’s a good routine for managing the Urgent/Not-Necessarily-Important ringing phone. We first began to experiment with it at family mealtime. It generated interesting discussions with our teenagers at the time: “It might be important!!” We began to explore emotional self-control as we listened to the ringing phone.

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