• Jeroen Guertsen says:

    All clear so far

  • JemimaAlder says:

    I have found that reviewing the to do list prior to the weekend always helps me to detach from work more successfully making my time away from work more enjoyable. I tend to consolidate any lists, that have gathered from notes through the week, on a Friday – this acts as a quick audit, picking up anything I have missed and need to finish or prioritize the following week.

    • Patrick says:

      I can see that this end-of-working-week review ritual does get a kind of closure to office work, freeing you to enjoy time at home and elsewhere. This sounds to me like a good boundary ritual.

  • dowlbs says:

    I have always used the written lists because it seems to help me remember better than electronic versions of lists.

    • Patrick says:

      Some believe that there are some kinaesthetic aspects to physical writing compared to typing. Often I will hand-write some record or commitment, and if it is important, I will transcribe it later electronically. I’m doing that at the moment with some of my more valuable journal entries. I enter a journal entry in handwriting, and then, if it is particularly valuable, I will type it into Evernote later, adding relevant reference tags.

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