Modules & Webinars: How they work together

The Modules

There are at least six modules in this program, each released between one and two weeks apart:

  • ​Finding Clarity in Chaos. Understanding why chaos is so commonplace gives us clues as to how we respond to it in our personal organisation. Being clear about what is 'important' and what is 'urgent' is a dynamic understanding.  We begin to explore self-awareness, the foundation of self-leadership.
  • A Powerful Daily Routine. We develop routines, rituals and habits. These are repeated steps or processes we act out often without thinking about them. Almost everyone benefits from a daily ritual. This is at one of the most basic cycles in our lives: the daily or circadian rhythm of sleep-wake-work-rest. Here we can establish or tune a powerful daily ritual that sets us up for growth and success.
  • Powering through Personal Projects. How do we deal with the big stuff in our workload. Here we explore some principles and techniques that stops us begin stalled by these big personal projects. Rather than letting these big pieces of work stall us, we use them to create momentum as we move towards our goals.
  • From Push to Pull. We all experience the stressful sense that we are driven by our workload ('push'). What if we were able to experience the power of choosing which piece of work we pull from our waiting tasks? It is possible. This module shows you how.
  • Margin. If there is no slack in the system, the system (you and your work) is essentially locked in its current state. We need the flexibility that margin gives us to be adaptable and to grow. The need for margin is more common that most people realise. More work can be created if we find ourselves 'running on empty.' `We explore in this module how to find, generate and protect our margins, and so live more resiliently.
  • Who do you think you are? The 'me' I bring to my work and my relationships at work is profoundly important. In this module we explore what this means and how we can bring a more powerful identity to our work.

The Webinars

A 'webinar' is a seminar on the web. These are online meetings, where you will have the opportunity to see a short presentation, raise questions and make comments. Typically webinars on this programme will last between 40 and 90 minutes.

For each webinar, as LYO Owner, you will be sent a link to attend the webinar, with the time and the date. 

The Purpose of the Webinars​

The webinars are there for you to ask questions and to contribute in group discussion ideas. They are an important part of you shaping the route we take over the next few weeks.

For example, if your particular problem is with interruptions to your personal workflow by your colleagues, we can queue up for the next module material on creating healthy boundaries around relationships, and ​shifting the ways you do business with colleagues.

If you hot issue is clarity on your working priorities, then we can deal with that next.

The point is, like a conventional workshop, as your facilitator I can change the schedule to suit the particular needs of the group. We don't have to follow the schedule rigidly. We can shape the schedule to a sequence that more closely meets your needs. This can work because all the elements of self-leadership are interrelated.

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