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Should We Be Our Own Journalist?

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Responding to my earlier post, Intentional Ignorance, my friend Cécile commented as follows:

Totally agree. The pandemic period was the revelation point for my family, we completely stopped watching or reading the news. However when friends tell us about something of interest we do use media to seek more info. But reading about it afterwards, once all the “drama” wore off always gives us a clearer and fresher perspective I believe.

I warmly agree. There is much wisdom in Cécile’s observation. The word ‘drama’ is very revealing. There are times when drama is legitimate, such as when some friends in Northern California had minutes to vacate their home with an advancing forest fire.

Most of the time, however, the drama is false, exaggerating to grab our attention.

There may be important facts in the story. But we can come back to it and see the facts more clearly once the emotional drama has passed.

Maybe in this sense we need to be our own journalist. What do you think?

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