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I Missed Something

Two weeks ago, I posted a piece on Thanksgiving as a Lifestyle. I went on to list some of the benefits of having a daily routine of keeping something like a Gratitude List.

But, I missed something. 

I was reminded of this when I read and an article earlier this week on Kris Vallotton’s blog about a tough Christmas in his home.  What Kris did the following year was tremendous

So, I would add this benefit to my list:

Gratitude is an antidote to the corrosive tendency to feel entitled to something that is really a gift.

For those of us who are comfortable, and in the West that is most of us, a sense of entitlement can creep up on us. Entitlement causes us to envy and to compare ourselves with others. We have all done it.

Nevertheless, it is both stupid and destructive. When I observe and serve those less fortunate, I return my thoughts to that which I otherwise take for granted and instead give thanks, then I wake up and become reasonable again. I see things from a more mature perspective and realise that I am blessed.

A feature of this kind of deep benefit of giving thanks is that it is not always immediately obvious to us. It sometimes takes years, if ever, to come to our awareness.

So may I wish you a fabulous holiday season, however you celebrate it, and may you realise how truly blessed you are this Christmas!