Positive Outliers

Online Training or Online Learning?

One of my subscribers read my Roadworks article and she was interested in my explanation of this statement I made: “Online training is good in itself, but it really is not what I am called to do in this season.”. Thank you, Cathie. It does deserve a fuller explanation. What’s Wrong with Online Training? There is […]

Leaning to Action Leaning to People

Keeping People in Frustrated Incompetence

As change leaders, we can have quite a high appetite for change. Yet, what is the effect on our customers of a perceived endless series of changes?

Leaning to Action Self-Awareness

Course Corrections

I’m old enough to remember the first moon landing. Everyone seemed to be in awe of this tremendous achievement. It was one of those moments when there was this feeling that the world had changed. Forever. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is about half a million miles. The landing module landed within […]