Positive Outliers Self-Awareness

Our Mental Scripts

A dangerously underweight fifteen-year-old girl looks into the mirror and sees herself as disgustingly fat.  Such extreme conditions as anorexia nervosa are shocking in their effects upon people. However, could we all have milder distorting self-beliefs about ourselves, perhaps?  How about this: We walk into a room and believe everyone is looking at us critically? […]

Leaning to Action Self-Awareness

Repeat until Excellent

Today I’m connecting with my ‘inner geek.’  When it comes to stationery, my family tell me that I become a geek. One of my favourites notebooks is the A5 Leuchtterm 1917 145 x 210mm notebook. Also, I use a tailored form of the Bullet Journal. And today these two combine for me into one beautiful […]

Leaning to Action Personal Margin Self-Awareness

Tools that Evolve with You

We need tools that can evolve with our work. As our work, our portfolio develops, we need tools that can grow with it.