What’s Stopping You?

This question - what is stopping you - is a compelling one. I find it crops up in all kinds of places, including change management theory, agile practice, and the theory of forming personal habits. It reframes a challenge from “I must try harder” to “what is stopping me?” and then to “How can I remove that impediment?”

You can reframe the challenge to "What's stopping you?"

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Sixteen years ago I was asked to speak at Cardiff University and I chose as my topic “Creativity Killers.” It was around what I had noticed in myself and in others that prevented us from being at our creative best. 

At that time I came up with a list of ten. That’s a nice round number. However, having worked on this some more, I have come up with thirteen. What’s going on here? 

Well, partly it is about something I heard James Clear say recently: “Only when I write something down do I think deeply enough about something.”

"Only when I write something down do I think deeply enough about something."

James Clear, Blogger and Author

James Clear

I think there is another reason as well. The Creativity Killers are all mental narratives. They only have a reality inside our minds. As such they are lies. These are like mind viruses. As we know, viruses mutate. That’s also what I think is happening.
So, how do we deal with these lies, these beliefs that limit our producing our best work? Well, I have just published a free eBook where I set out some steps and practices that I have come across in the literature that I am discovering work for me and for others who use them.

So, go ahead and click on the link below and download my eBook. Then write to me and let me know what you think.

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